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      1. Welcome to Wenzhou Bangda Shoe-making Machinery Co.,Ltd.!
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          • This machine adopts computer chip intelligent control of the whole flap operation, through the display panel can be set to control the machine function, automatic electronic induction operation leading technology, is the most advanced folding equipment in the industry, set automatic gluing, automatic cutting, automatic presser foot lift, electronic motor positioning and French piping, the package at the end of the multiple functions of one folding machine. Ensure that the folding width uniform folding, and can be folded into the reinforcing bar.

            A: the computer chip processing circuit system, stepper motor control recurved, linear, outside the pitch bend function;

            Two: the outer bend, straight edge of the bend, pull stroke respectively 1-8mm adjustable range.

            Three: automatic promotion without feet on the rubber head;

            Four: the edge of the bend automatic cutting;

            Five: a plastic double protection system, automatic glue, do not hang glue;

            Six: servo electronic motor automatic positioning, energy (electricity) 70%;

            Seven: to be converted into the reinforcing rib, strengthen the leather edge tensile strength;

            Eight: French piping (optional parts)

            Nine: the package at the end (optional parts)

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